We are experts in creating effective training programs
using our expertise in video and interactive multimedia

Test Tracking and Reporting
We have integrated at the base level, all elements of Tracking & Reporting, LMS and CLMS. This allows learners to keep track of their own skill sets and progress on an individual basis. Administrators receive detailed reports on individual, group and company-wide inventories of aptitudes, skill-sets, and competencies.
Our reports will give the administrator a big-picture view of all the aptitudes, skills, and competencies of your employees and the departments in which they reside. Charts and graphs allow you to monitor and highlight various trends.

We can save you time and money because all courseware elements such as test objects, user interfaces, video & audio files, graphics and other elements are automatically saved to an encrypted Universal Resource File which can be re-used for other projects without translation or re-formatting.

High Production Quality
From the quality of the final videos and CD-ROMs complete with dynamic graphics to the specially designed covers, album boxes and the labels printed directly to the disk, our productions tell your employees that management believes training is important and deserves a professional approach.

Multi-Language Capable
Multiple language versions of Text, Videos, Graphics and other elements can be included on one single disc. The playback system will autodetect the language in question and display the appropriate user interface. Latin-based languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and ideographic languages such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean are all supported.

A Practical Example
Alcan Dry Scrubbers
Operator Training and Orientation
Video and CD-ROM with questions and student records.

Triad created this program for Alcan Kitimat Works. It was based on the panel operator's computer screen.
Working closely with company experts we learned the system and video-taped every aspect of it.
The CD-ROM uses the operator’s computer interface screen as an introduction, allowing the student to click on separate parts of the system and receive the video information on that particular section.
Testing is integrated into the program and reports in detail on the students answers, time taken, and number of tries with each question. The CD has been made user modifiable, so that questions can be changed at the plant when necessary.

Workplace Simulation
Using our 3D rendering capability, users can interact with simulated user environments such as factory operations, vehicles, aircraft, ships, control rooms, and mechanical systems. The simulated 3D environment will react to user input through joysticks, steering wheels, levers, foot pedals, etc, allowing a learner to safely practice normal and emergency operations. The Learning Management System can record the training scenarios and operation results for later review. Instant feedback via video replay or text prompting enhances the learning process.

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