The official Press Release for Triad's
Interactive Multimedia Playback and Training CD-ROM Interface

For Immediate Release

Triad Communications Ltd. of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce the completion of the Triad Multimedia Playback and Employee Testing Engine. A new era in digital video based training and testing systems has been brought to fruition. No longer will there be an interactive training system that takes months to deploy. Whole new training modules can now be created within a few days rather than weeks or months.

Triad Communications can take your videos, print material, photos, audio and other learning tools and combine them into an easy-to-use interactive employee training system with test and evaluation components. We are at the forefront in competency-based education where we can record and prove the effectiveness of employee training.

Our core Multimedia Playback and Employee Testing Engine allows learners to access training material from any Windows compatible computer in a manner that is conducive to self-paced learning, providing instant feedback and reinforcement of critical subject matter.

Our in-house computer programming expertise and 28 years of video production experience allows us to bring the following advantages to your onsite training:

  1. Full motion, large screen Digital Video and Sound on CD-ROM or DVD. Multiple video formats can be played back within our system including Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Video.
  2. Simple menus, large fonts and bright graphics designed for maximum ease of use and fast comprehension. We are fully multi-language capable so that a single training system contains all the target languages.
  3. Touch screen capable and/or Keyboardless operation on standalone machines, on a network or in an on-floor kiosk.
  4. Full testing and tracking capability to monitor the learning progress of employees or contractors. Trainees must pass all tests (Multiple Choice, True or False, Essay Questions, or Select-the-Correct-Image) and the computer will automatically and instantly review any problem areas using video playback of the relevant modules before the testing system certifies the exam results.
  5. Test results permanently recorded to disk and can be securely emailed to any desired mailbox
  6. Modular design of our new Multimedia Playback and Testing Engine allows design, implementation and upgrade of training systems at an accelerated timetable. No more waiting weeks or months.
  7. Complete Windows compatibility designed to reduce network or upgrade related expenses and reduce system maintenance costs. No need for special hardware or software.
We are also pleased to announce that we are fully capable of offering the Quicktime VR extensions that allows the simulation of and interaction with 3D environments. Imagine being able to train employees on the operation of an entire control room or plant vehicles, even simulate the operation of heavy machinery such as cranes, forklifts, trucks, and more without the danger. This also reduces downtime and expense on machinery that could be used in plant production.

We use photo realistic rendering to safely simulate plant operations in a 3D computer-based environment. Comprehensive testing through exam questions, video playback of operations and direct interaction within a 3D environment ensures that employees are completely trained in plant operations and procedures.

The completion of the Triad Multimedia Playback and Testing Engine allows Triad Communications Ltd. to give you a complete turnkey training solution from initial video to final CD-ROM / DVD and all points in-between. Because we do everything in-house, from initial scripts, to all video production and post-production to custom graphics design, programming and final duplication and setup, we are your one-stop solution for training.

If you require any further information or would like to talk to us about how we may help you in creating a complete CD-ROM or DVD based training solution on a wide variety of specific subjects including Fall Protection, WHMIS, Ergonomics, Forklift or Crane operations, Confined Spaces, Lockout, Control Room Operation, or any other topic that requires comprehensive technical or personal training, please contact us.

To download our printable company brochure detailing these and other services please go to the PDF Documents section of this website.