Triad Communications is equipped with several digital video editing workstations.
We can capture most video and digital video formats to our editing systems. Depending on your needs we can perform complex creative editing with effects, dissolves, multiple audio tracks and more, or we can do simple re-ordering of your footage into a more logical or useful order.

We can also scan photographs and slides for inclusion in an edited program or for use in a stand-alone slide show with accompanying music.

For simple editing we supply an Edit Decision List form that will allow you to easily create a list detailing the order and length of the footage you would like in the final edit. We then edit the footage to conform to your list.

For more complex editing it may be necessary for you to sit with our editors and “direct” how the original footage is to be cut, or you can explain what you are attempting to achieve and our experienced editors will use their skill and expertise to create a cut that meets your needs.

The above scenarios are best used when you already have existing footage. For more information on creating a video production from the ground up please see our Production Section.


Video Graphics

Triad is also equipped with the necessary equipment and staff to create dynamic still and motion graphics for your programs. On-screen text, diagrams, logos and animations are all elements that can add better comprehension and aesthetic appeal to a final production.

We can also create stand-alone motion graphics for specific uses such as diagrams to illustrate a principle. Anything that is difficult or impossible to film in reality can be better represented using motion graphics.


Final Edit

Once your program is edited we can output the final edit to DVD and most video and digital video formats in any quantity you require.


DVD Authoring

Triad's post-production services also include DVD authoring. We take your final video content and use the power of the DVD format to create a truly engaging and interactive viewing experience, giving viewers more control and more enjoyment of the material.

Some of the advantages and features of DVD authoring include:

  • Dynamic Interactive menus with links to content and chapter points
  • Chapter points within the video content allow viewers to instantly jump to points of interest without fast forwarding or rewinding
  • The ability to place several videos, slide shows, contact information, audio clips, credits and so much more onto a single disc

  • The potential for multiple subtitles, audio tracks and angles

  • color correction, crystal-clear pausing and slow-motion
  • So much more

Triad's DVD authors will work with you to create a DVD project that allows for easy and aesthetically interesting navigation of your content.