Instructional design & services
Interactive Learning and Testing with
Triad's Computer-Based Training Module

We Create Interactive CD-ROM's and DVD's with Testing, Evaluation and Archiving Components for Due-Diligence.

Combining an effective video program with our interactive training system increases knowledge retention and comprehension of the material by encouraging active listening and learning.

Using our customized interactive learning system users will view the video content and will then have to complete a test to ensure they have absorbed the content of the video.

If a question is answered incorrectly the user is automatically sent back to the portion of the video that addresses the question. Upon viewing the pertinent section for a second time the user can then answer the question again. The process is repeated until the user gets the correct answer.

This method forces users to actively watch and listen to the program content, rather than just passively watching without learning.

Results and statistics from the test, including useful information such as how many tries it took each individual to complete each question and which questions caused the most difficulty, are sent directly to a supervisors e-mail so they can review the data and determine which areas require further reinforcement and/or modification.

Our interactive learning system has been configured from the ground up to include any type of multimedia interface to accomodate whatever areas require testing. The test questions can vary in form to include the following:

  • Interactive drag and drop
  • Choose the correct image/sound
  • 3-D interactivity
  • Joystick manipulation
  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Short answers
  • Long-form answers
  • Essays
  • And More

The best part is that our system has been designed to make it easy for non-computer programmers such as training instructors and supervisors to update and modify the questions and video themselves. Making it easy and quick to keep the program up to date and relevant.

Here are some of the useful features of our Interactive Learning System:

  • High Quality, Full Screen Audio & Video Playback

  • Easy-to-Use Interface with Large Fonts and Bold Graphics

  • Touch Screen Capable

  • No Installation Required

  • Works with All Versions of Microsoft Windows™

  • Network Compatible

  • Built-in Test & Evaluation Components with E-mailable Test Results

  • Can Exchange Data with Third-Party Software

  • Fast Turnaround for your Finished CD or DVD-ROM


To download our printable company brochure detailing these and other services please go to the PDF Documents section of this website.