Graphic Design

Triad Communications is a full service production company, our services don’t end with the final edit.

We supply everything to package and/or promote your final product, all done in-house.

Our graphic designers create dynamic and aesthetic designs for:

  • Interactive DVD and CD-ROM interface menus
  • DVD & Video box covers and labels
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Inserts
  • Web sites

Our services also include:

  • scanning & manipulation of photographs and slides
  • copy writing



We offer high-quality, full service printing of covers and labels. From basic black on white text to full professional-quality four-colour printing we have a solution for your needs.

For DVD's and CD-ROM's we are equipped to print professional quality labels directly onto printable discs giving your product a finished, big-budget look.

We also supply all necessary materials including cases, videotapes, discs, covers and labels.