We are experts in creating effective training programs
using our expertise in video and interactive multimedia

Audience, Learning, Knowledge Retention
Knowledge Application, Problem Solving

These are all areas where we structure and design an e-Learning package to suit each unique requirement.


Current Material
We can take your current material and repurpose it into an e-Learning CD-ROM complete with testing and tracking.


New Material

We can deliver, from the ground up, a new program using our production skills to analyze, plan and capture material and develop the appropriate learning and delivery method best suited to the subject and audience.

Instructional Intelligence + Design + eRamm
We have developed leading edge authoring software for the e-Learning world. This powerful computer-based training engine, e-Ramm, is the foundation that allows our instructional designer team to create rich, real world, interactive programs. Some of the features supported are:

  • All types of testing including pre and post, randomizing and check sheets

  • Integrated at the base level all elements of tracking/reporting, LMS and CLMS

  • Total Support for 3rd party video/audio files

  • Multi-language capable

  • Workplace simulations with user feedback

  • Powerful data bases including glossary and experience base

  • Built-in Military grade encryption at all levels

  • Instructional intelligence techniques for differentlearning styles

  • Supports the cognitive processes of learning

  • Offers Show & Tell and Tell & Do problem solving techniques
Hardware Compatibility
Our testing and media playback engine automatically detects monitor resolution, available memory resources, and network bandwidth. The user interface and degree of user interaction will be auto-adjusted to take into account the available horsepower of your computer.

Comprehensive Testing
Learners are interactively challenged by the test modules to a higher standard of knowledge retention. Some of these interactive methods include:

  1. Drag & drop of objects over video

  2. Identification and selection of video
    and audio samples

  3. Response to questions via essay style
    and long form text input

  4. User feedback with hardware devices
    such as joysticks, steering wheels, etc

  5. Fly-through and interaction with real-
    time rendered 3D environments

  6. Team-based learning via audio & video
    conferencing and instant messaging

  7. Hyper-linking and web-based browsing

  8. Instant feedback to learner to identify
    and correct areas of difficulty that can
    include audio & video replay of course

To download our printable company brochure detailing these and other services please go to the PDF Documents section of this website.