Transfer Video, Digital Video or Film   To DVD

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We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible quality DVD transfer.

We capture, encode and burn most video, digital video and film formats to DVD.

Some of the advantages and benefits of transferring your video material to DVD include:

  1. Preserve Quality - High quality image and sound that won’t deteriorate with age like video.
  2. Save Space - Fit several videos, films, audio files and stills of varying
    formats onto a single, easy to store disk.
  3. Ease of Navigation - Navigation menus, chapter points and timecode allow for instant access to any part of the content.
    No more fast forwarding or rewinding!
  4. DVD features - Crystal clear pausing and slow-motion, the ability to zoom in on areas of the image, personalized menu screens, still image slide shows with narration or music and the convenience of playback on PC’s, laptops and standard DVD players are only some of the options and advantages of DVD

In addition to direct DVD transfers, we also provide specialized optional DVD services including the following:

DVD Authoring Design and creation of interactive DVD interface and navigation elements including menus, backgrounds, navigation buttons and insertion of chapter points for quick and easy navigation to specific portions of your material.
DVD Labels and Covers We offer design and printing services of DVD box covers and labels in full color or black & white.

Labels can be printed directly onto printable DVD-R discs.

Cover and Label options can range from basic text to custom professional graphic designs.

DVD Slide Shows Scan and arrange slides and photographs into a professional DVD slide show
Advanced DVD features Design and use of advanced options including animated menus, slide shows, subtitles, multiple angles and color correction.
DVD Editing Changes, additions and/or removal of content from existing DVD's or for new DVD projects.
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