Triad has completed countless hours of
video and multimedia projects for a variety of customers

Video Production
From the Canadian High Arctic to the beaches of Australia we have produced educational and promotional videos for the aerospace industry, pulp and paper mills, restaurants, mines, smelters, stevedoring, marine pilots, airlines, ports, advertising and tourism.

Our crews are well trained and experienced in bringing home the footage necessary without disrupting work schedules. Safety conscious and sensitive to the workplace culture, we produce materials which the audience will appreciate and use.

Public Relations


The Triad Philosophy
Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships with customers, based on mutual trust and respect. We strive to always meet objectives, exceed expectations and give full value.
We Offer Full Service

We are a full service multimedia production company offering full Video, CD-ROM and DVD production as well as a variety of support services including graphic design, publishing, film transfers, Video, CD-ROM and DVD duplication and conversion, as well as multimedia support services for the legal industry.

Triad also develops customized training software and hardware including the E-ramm complete solution system.

We work in the areas of Training, Safety, Cultural Change, Public Relations, Marketing , Corporate Communications, Instructional Design and Consulting.


Some of Triad’s satisfied customers include:

Alcan Primary Metal B.C.
Safety, Instructional & Informational
Forest Industries Flying Tankers Ltd.
Safety, PR & Marketing
Canadian Airlines International
In-flight, Destination and Training
BC Coast Pilots Ltd.
Documentary along the BC Coast
Westshore Terminals


Skills & Expertise

In producing these programs and many others, we have evolved techniques which we utilize in every program we do.

Handling People
We have worked with all types of people and are able to encourage them to appear natural and relaxed on camera, even in interview situations. Being unobtrusive, we get the footage we need efficiently without interfering with operations.

Being Involved
We've videotaped in difficult situations; mergers, press conferences, layoffs, office closing etc. Even in these situations we came away with the footage and interviews.

Shooting on Location
Our extensive experience includes shooting in locations as varied as hotels, restaurants, airports, ports, ships, and pulp & paper mills. We have a sensitivity for shooting in public places without disrupting customers, guests or employees in their activities. By keeping our crew small, we find that people quickly become comfortable and can go about their business and allow us to do the same.

Being Safety Conscious
To work on the apron of busy airports, such as Toronto's Lester Pearson, around helicopters or in pulp mills, takes a high degree of safety consciousness. We have the correct apparel for industrial sites and know how to position ourselves so that we get the footage without endangering ourselves or others.



Here is a partial list of the types of programs we have created for a variety of customers.

Operator Training
Dry Scrubbers - Alcan
Measuring Systems - Wedge Clamp
Food Preparation - The Keg Restaurants
Fresh Onion Rings - A&W

Includes Confined Spaces, WHMIS, Lockout,
Conveyor Safety and Orientation

Ergonomics - NorskeCanada
Employee Orientation - LaFarge Canada
Helicopter Safety - Flying Tankers
De-icing Aircraft - Canadian Airlines
Disabled passengers - Canadian Airlines

Employee Communications
Video News Magazines - Canadian Airlines
Convention Recording - R-World, Black & Decker
Culture Change - F.C.C., Canadian Airlines
Environmental- New ISO Program, Alcan

Local 115 - Operating Engineers
National - Operating Engineers
Powerex - B.C. Power Authority
Remsat (European Space Agency) - MDA
NCOT (Naval Combat Operator Training) - MDA
1000 Beach - Vancouver High-rise Complex

Broadcast Television
To Master's Orders And Pilot's Advice - B.C. Coast Pilots
Star Princess Maiden Voyage (Seattle/Vancouver/Alaska) - National News

We are proud members of New Media B.C. and E-Learning B.C.
Throughout our careers we have worked on projects where we have had to sign Department of Defence secrecy agreements. We hold national airport passes, which necessitated a CSIS check. We have produced programs to announce company changes and stock offerings.

To download a printable Brochure detailing the full range of Triad Communications' video production capabilities and experience please go to the PDF Documents section of this website.