DVD Creation
Most Video, Digital Video and Film Formats
(8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film must first be transferred to a Video or Digital Video format and then transferred to DVD. Click here for pricing on transferring your film to Video or Digital Video)

3 Part Pricing Structure

  1. Capture and creation of DVD Master
    Charge based on length of source material.
    This step involves the capturing of the source material, its encoding to a DVD-ready format and the burning of the content to a DVD-R Disc.

  2. DVD copies
    The total number of copies required. Price is based on program length. We recommend getting at least one extra copy made of your DVD's as a backup should the viewing copies get scratched or damaged.

  3. Materials and Packaging
    The number of DVD-R discs required to accomodate your material, including extra copies. We can print labels directly onto the printable DVD-R discs we supply. We also supply a wide variety of DVD cases. Please see our Blank Media Pricelist for DVD Media and packaging prices.

Additional Charges
For Additional DVD services such as interface design, printable DVD labels and advanced DVD options such as animated menu elements, subtitles, multiple angles, color correction, and editing of DVD content please see below.

Capture and creation of DVD Master and Copies
Direct Capture and Write to DVD (no optimization).
VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
Maximum 2 hours per DVD
Capture, Optimized Encoding and Write to DVD.
2 pass VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
Maximum 3.5 hours per DVD
Additional DVD Services
(1/2 hour minimum charge on all hourly rates)


Design and creation of DVD interface elements including backgrounds, menus, navigation buttons and DVD face labels (printed directly onto printable DVD):

  • Graphic design - $60.00/hr Printing of DVD Face Labels - $1.00 per DVD
  • Text DVD face Label with no graphics - $1.00 per DVD

Advanced graphical interface and/or use of advanced DVD options including animated menu elements, subtitles, multiple angles and color correction:

  • $100.00/hr and up. Please contact us for estimates on your specialized DVD needs.


Editing, addition and/or removal of content of existing DVD’s requires specialized treatment. Please contact us with your specific DVD editing requirements for a quote.


All DVD’s created on Maxell or Pioneer DVD-R Media.
Please ensure your DVD player(s) support the DVD-R format for optimal playback.

Applicable Taxes Are Extra.
Prices Do Not Include Media and Materials unless otherwise specified.
Please see our Blank Media Setion for materials pricing.
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.


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