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New Release - Master's Orders and Pilot's Advice

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Triad is proud to announce the DVD release and ongoing television broadcast of our most recent video production.

"Master's Orders and Pilot's Advice" is a documentary that allows you to discover the coastline of British Columbia, Canada, from the unique perspective of the Coast Pilots who guide ships to safe harbour. Learn about the ancient and honourable profession of Marine Piloting which is so important to all Canadians.

"Master's Orders and Pilot's Advice" is now available for Sale on DVD and VHS. The program premiered on The Knowledge Network in 2005 and will be airing in regular rotation for the foreseable future.

The Knowledge Network is Channel 5 in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area. Please check your local listings for more details or visit The Knowledge Network Website for upcoming airdates.

New Release - Curing The Incurable
Through Dr. Jonn Matsen's EATING ALIVE program


Take control of your health with this introduction to naturopathic doctor, Jonn Matsen's renowned Eating Alive Program. It has been proven effective for thousands of people who have followed it and regained their health.

Dr. Matsen uses diagnostic techniques and treatments to pinpoint the root cause of most health issues and recommend effective treatment. This DVD demonstrates Dr. Matsen's methods and makes it easier to understand how your body works and how you can use that knowledge to feel better and live longer.

Hear actual stories of health renewed from his patients.

For more information on Dr. Jonn Matsen and the Eating ALive program please visit the Eating Alive website.