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"Finest Presentation...I have ever seen"

I think these DVDs are the finest presentation of pilotage I have ever seen or heard of. I expect to give one of these to each of our State Pilot Commissioners on Tuesday at my annual meeting with them. My hope is that they will find these as spectacular as I did and will want to have a similar DVD made for NY Harbor.

After 36 years and 4 generations I know I would be very proud to have a presentation like this DVD of what we do as pilots.

Captain Rick Seeth
New York Pilots


"World Class quality"

The video and CD-ROMs produced by Triad are of world class quality. Triad’s many years of industrial video production clearly shows, both in the quality of the final product and in their professionalism when interacting with operational areas of our plant. During filming they were very well organized and went above and beyond when developing good working relationships with the many stakeholders involved in the project. This professionalism resulted in completing the video on time with no disruptions to our operations. Triad demonstrated great flexibility during production and accommodated our many needs and changes in a very timely fashion.

While in Vancouver I had the opportunity to visit Triad’s production facilities. I must comment that Triad’s commitment to staying on top of the rapidly changing and improving trends in digital video production is very impressive.

I would recommend Triad to any company looking for first class quality customized multimedia-training materials.

Zachary J. Brown
Safety Specialist
Alcan Primary Metal – BC

"Meaningful and enjoyable"

As a simple accountant, without an artistic bone in his body, I just can't begin to comprehend how you can compress so much footage into such a meaningful and enjoyable corporate video.”

Denis Horgan
Vice President
Westshore Terminals

"One of the best in the genre"

. . . you have succeeded beautifully in capturing the atmosphere of the College, and in conveying that atmosphere to the viewer. We have had the opportunity now to get feedback from various agents around the world; these people are familiar with educational promotional videos to the point of indifference. Their opinion that the one you produced for us is "one of the best in the genre" is high praise indeed.

Lee Glasson
Marketing Director

"First Rate Production Quality "

We have had the good fortune of working with TRIAD on a number of safety-related videos….. The number of times these videos are utilized as part of crew and departmental safety meetings is a testimonial to their relevance in the workplace and to their first rate production quality.

Steve Hodges
Superintendent , Health & Safety
NorskeCanada Powell River Division


"Skill and Professionalism"

I knew that I needed to trust your judgment; I was not disappointed. From detailing the initial concepts through to the final script and editing, your skill and professionalism was evident.
Your ability and willingness to readily adapt to a flexible shooting schedule resulted in a minimum of inconvenience and expense to the company.

Our excellent rapport with all our people enabled them to "buy into" this project; they became excited about it, and it showed. I believe, however, that the key to the successful finished product was your ability to very quickly grasp the essence of our operation and the story we wanted to tell. You not only did your job, you immersed yourself in it.

Dan Wiebe
Operations Manager
Forest Industries Flying Tankers

"A Very Effective Learning Tool"

'Thumbs Up' video and work book has become a very effective learning tool to retrain our staff on the new log book procedures.

Dave Mitchell
Manager, Airworthiness
Canadian Airlines International


"Very Clear, Mill Specific Videos"

We were presented with a major review of safety education after an industrial fatality. Triad was able to listen to our strategy for training, research the material from the mill experts and their own experience and produced several very clear, mill specific videos to cover all of our core safety package for employees. We were also able to load the videos to our network, via our TRACCESS Training System to provide desktop access to the material.

Vern Phillips
Labour Relations and Training
NorskeCanada Port Alberni Division

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