Midgrid is a self-contained -
application toolbar that allows -
end-users and network experts -
to design, create, organize, -
secure, distribute and monetize -
both multi-media streams and -
general data files which can -
be sent out over the global grid -
using a highly-encrypted -
communications system that -
runs on top of present-day -
local and wide-area networks -
but which increases the speed -
and security of network -
communications beyond -
what is currently available! -


The MidGrid Toolbar is a distributed -
grid-processing application and communications -
engine containing these built-in features: -

Securely Encrypted Web Browser And FTP Client -
Containing a Built-in Platform-Independent -
High-end 2D/3D Drawing and Animation Engine -
with Triple-AES (768-bit) Encrypted File Transfer -
for private and intrusion-proof browsing and -
data file transfer to everywhere in the world -

Triple-AES (768-bit) Encrypted Email Client -
with extensive filtering features and advanced -
organization of multiple email addresses -

Big-Screen, Encrypted Multi-User -
Video Phone And Instant Messenger -
with up to 8 incoming video streams -
and 8 outgoing video streams up to -
1920 by 1080 pixel HDTV resolution -

Multimedia Recorder and Player Application -
with Data Aquisition and Digital Map Overlay -
and GPS/Date/Time Stamping on up to -
eight incoming HDTV video streams -

Globally-connected, multi-lingual -
Calendar, Daytimer, Address Book -
and Relational Database Applications -

Multi-Lingual, Group-based Document Design, -
Word Processing and Collaboration Applications -

SpreadSheet And Calculator Applications -
with built-in Distributed Grid-based -
Number Crunching Engine and advanced -
Text and Media File Searching Facilities -

Group-based and Globally Connected -
2D & 3D Drawing, Paint, Animation, -
Special Effects And Multimedia -
Presentation Applications -

Built-in Programming and Scripting Language -
with integrated development environment. -
Allows high-level application security and -
network administration of corporate -
and end-user created applications -


Replacing the Internet of Today -
With the Global Grid of Tomorrow -

By the year 2014 there is an expectation -
that the Internet will begin to collapse -
under its own weight. And with the -
ever greater use of multi-media -
the collapse could come much -
sooner than you think! -

We have a solution that will eliminate -
that problem of network slowdowns, -
low-quality multi-media distribution, -
and lack of communications security -
without changing today's hardware -
and it's a program called MidGrid. -

Large companies, medium-sized enterprises, -
small business and people like YOU with high -
network bandwidth requirements will benefit -
from deploying the MidGrid software -
throughout the enterprise. -

MidGrid can stuff 100% more data of all types -
down the same data pipes you use every day -
and make it much more secure, at a much -
higher quality than is possible today using our -
platform-independent software that seamlessly -
compresses, encrypts and tracks your valuable -
data files and media streams located anywhere -
on your LAN, WAN and across the globe! -

The MidGrid software is designed to -
create, organize, manage and distribute -
both HDTV-quality multimedia streams -
and general data files using our easy-to-use -
end-user and server-centric components -
so that you save time and money on your -
Internet bandwidth costs and reduce -
media server hardware requirements -
and network infrastructure costs. -

Call Roland Loughhead at -
604-253-3990 or email us -
at triadc@comwave.com -
for more information -
on how the MidGrid -
Infrastructure Software -
can help your company! -

Investors Are Welcome -
to Inquire about how -
we can work together -
to expand the global -
marketplace for MidGrid. -

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