For over 25 years Triad Communications has been the leader in
Video & Multimedia services for the Legal Industry
Comprehensive Video Depositions

We give you the ability to preserve the evidence of an expert or lay witness for courtroom playback or for use in settlement conferences. Those witnesses who are unable to be present for a specific court date or who are otherwise unable to give their evidence in court can have their testimony visually recorded by our professional camera operators. Video depositions may take place in counsel’s office, the court reporter’s office, a conference facility or at the deponent’s place of work or at their home. The choice is yours.

Hourly rates are comprehensive and include all costs for materials, equipment, operator, VHS or DVD duplicate for court use and audio tape for court reporter.

Video Deposition Package
For your convenience we provide one all-inclusive hourly charge for our deposition services with no hidden costs. This one cost includes all the following:
  • Package Set-up for 1Witness, 2 Counsel
  • Professional Video Operator
  • Professional Video & Audio Recording System
  • Equipment Delivery, Installation and Removal
  • Title Slates and Time-Code Display
  • Original Master Tape (Stored at Triad)
  • DVD or VHS Courtroom Playback Master Tape
  • Audio Cassette Copy for Court Reporter

Booking Charge

There is a $25.00 non-refundable booking fee charged at the time of booking. This charge is applied to the final cost of the deposition but is not refunded if the deposition is cancelled.

This charge is in place because we found we were receiving many deposition bookings that would later cancel due to the case settling upon "threat" of a video deposition. The $25.00 covers the administrative costs involved in arranging and subsequently cancelling a video deposition.

Regular Hours
(Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Hourly Rate - complete package including all tapes
Set-up charge


Stand-By - per hour

After Hours
(Monday to Friday - before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm)
Hourly Rate - complete package including all tapes
Set-up charge
Stand-By - per hour

Weekends/Statutory Holidays
Hourly Rate - complete package including all tapes
Set-up charge
Stand-By - per hour

Additional Charges
Additional Witness
Same Day Cancellation
On-Site Cancellation
Additional Travelling Costs
(Outside of Vancouver)
Please Call
Courtroom Playback System
Delivery and Set-up of Video and/or DVD Playback For Judge, Counsel and Jury
Triad Communications can rent and deliver quality audio/visual equipment for playback of your deposition videotapes, surveillance footage, archival videos, DVD's, CD-ROM's and other recorded media. Multiple displays and other support equipment is also available. Whether you require equipment for playback in court or in your office, rely on Triad Communications to meet all of your playback needs.
Video and/or DVD Playback System
  • 1 x 10" colour T.V. for judge
  • 1 x 24" colour T.V. for counsel and jury
  • DVD and/or VHS player with remote
  • A/V cart
  • Delivery, Installation and Removal
Day-In-The-Life Video

Effectively demonstrate how a Quadriplegic, Paraplegic or otherwise injured person is affected in their daily life by their disability.

Triad Communications offers a way for judges, juries and experts to see a compressed version of a typical day in the life of an injured person. We give visual impact to the effects of injuries on the day-to-day living activities of your client. Tasks that we take for granted can be very difficult for the disabled. We capture that reality and make it graphically presentable in court.

What is life like in a wheelchair? The purpose of the Day-in-the-Life video is to tastefully depict the degree of difficulty injured people experience in handling day-to-day living. Such evidence presented verbally would not have the same degree of impact as a visual demonstration.

Visual presentation conveys the courage of that individual person presenting him or her in an active role of demonstrating and showing, rather than being passively talked about. Video allows for the demonstration of activities not generally demonstrable in a courtroom situation (i.e. fitting a prosthesis, neurological exams, bathing, getting in and out of bed, physiotherapy).

Please contact us for pricing on your Legal Video Production Requirements.

Additional Multimedia Equipment Available
(please contact for pricing)
  • Additional 20” Monitor (Delivery, Installation & Removal)
  • Acer Pentium III Laptop Computer w/ DVD, CD-Rom and Video Output
  • DVD and/or Video CD Player
  • Hi-8 and Regular 8 Video Player with Editing Capabilities
  • PAL and SECAM Format VHS Players
  • MiniDV Video Player
  • Flip Chart Stands
  • And much, much more. Please contact us with your requirements
Additional Legal Multimedia Services
(please contact for pricing)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Videotape and Audiotape Duplication (Multiple Formats)
  • DVD & CD-ROM duplication
  • Transfer Legal Audio/Visual Evidence to DVD
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Slow Motion, Elapsed Time Display
  • Split Screen
  • Animation
  • Digital Photography
  • Interactive CD-ROM Production and Duplication with Transcripts, Video, Audio, Photos and other evidence stored on CD-ROM
  • Video Prints - High Quality Still Prints From Video
  • Equipment Operator
  • And much, much more. Please contact us if you have other requirements

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Triad can transfer your Legal Audio/Visual Evidence to DVD for countless benefits including digital-quality images and sound, easy navigation of content, crytal clear pausing and display of still images and documents.

If you would like your Legal Evidence transfered to DVD please view the DVD Services Section for information and pricing on all of our DVD services.